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Specification:Cognex offers the widest range of vision products available from a single source, and industry-leading vision tools designed with more than two decades of application experience on thousands of manufacturing lines. You’ ll get reliable performance for your application and factory environment in every product category.


Cognex In-Sight vision systems help companies reduce scrap and re-work— which ultimately saves time and money— by inspecting products throughout
the manufacturing process.
Industries from pharmaceutical to automotive to electronics rely on Cognex vision systems to ensure the end products they deliver to their customers meet the highest standards.

In-Sight vision systems are widely used with material handling systems and robots
for general alignment and pick-and-place guidance in assembly and inspection
applications with speed and accuracy, eliminating the need for expensive fixturing and enabling a new generation of flexible manufacturing.
The power of our patented PatMax® geometric pattern finding tool and the support for many robot controller protocols makes integrating In-Sight vision systems into robotic applications faster and easier.

Whether identifying parts using barcodes, alphanumeric characters, or by shape or
color, Cognex In-Sight vision systems reliably and accurately identify parts, even on the fastest production lines.
In-Sight vision systems provide unmatched 1D and 2D code reading performance and handle a wide range of degradation to the appearance of the code with the industry' s most reliable read rates. Our powerful OCR tool reads text strings, even under varying conditions such as rotation, uneven lighting and confusing scenes.
And, our advanced color recognition tools can reliably distinguish between similar
colors with high precision.

The Checker 200 series are inspection sensors, not vision sensors. Checker is designed to:
1. Detect parts by recognizing an actual feature of the part, providing reliable, precisely timed outputs
2. Inspect multiple features on parts without requiring precise part handling.

Checker is so simple to set up that anyone on the manufacturing floor can use it – no training or prior experience is required.

DataMan offers the widest range of industrial ID readers and code quality verifiers— in both fixed-mount and handheld models. These readers handle everything from printed 1D/ 2D
barcodes to the most challenging direct part marked ( DPM) codes… and everything in between.
Handheld ID Readers
DataMan handheld readers provide a wide range of models— both corded and cordless— needed for applications in all industries. Whether a low-cost model for reading high-quality codes, or models with the performance needed for reading the most challenging codes, DataMan has what it takes to get the job done.
Fixed-Mount ID Readers
The unprecedented small size of DataMan fixed-mount readers make them ideal for applications where space is limited, such as item identification and process control. Models are available to read codes, at variable working distances, and on any production line… including the fastest document handling systems.
ID Verifiers DataMan handheld and fixed-mount verifiers ensure that the code meets
a manufacturer’ s or industry’ s requirements for quality.

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